Hunting season: Group-IB 20th anniversary CTF

We're gonna go on an adventure!

Group-IB turned 20 years old! We celebrate with a hunt for cyber threats and more. Join our CTF covering the entire response chain, from threat hunting to incident investigation.


December 7, 2023


10 AM to 2 PM (CEST)

ctf 20th 2
ctf 20th 2


W-what's going on here?

Sometimes, threat hunting is more art than hunting. The “Hunting season: Group-IB 20th anniversary CTF” challenges cybersecurity professionals to solve 16 tasks to uncover fuzzy traces of threat actors. The best will get a special reward.

Part of the assignments will be carried out using Group-IB MXDR — the tool created by practicing experts in DFIR, threat hunting, and investigations for detecting and responding to cyber threats.

Adventure details

Format: Jeopardy
Location: Online 
Event date: December 7, 2023