27 May 2020 at 3pm Singapore time (GMT+8)

A Playbook of 'Perswaysion' Phishing Campaign


'Perswaysion' is a term coined by one of our Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, based on a 3-phase phishing campaign which takes a victim from a PDF attached to an email, through commonly used file-sharing services, then to the final phishing site. Perswaysion has achieved quite impressive results by its unique chain reaction style of infection against financial institutions and small law firms from September 2019 to this day.

Feixiang He

Feixiang He

Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst

During webinar the speaker will share in-depth technical analyses of the attack tactics, techniques, and procedures, including:

  • multi-layer traffic whitewashing,
  • modular phishing server infrastructure,
  • specialized and distributed threat actor operation models.

He will also discuss the overall evolution of the phishing threat landscape in the era of cloud computing and its impacts.

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